Spectrophotometer SpectroPad Series 2
C300B00 SpectroPad (portable spectrophotometer)
  • For reflective media, 6 mm Measurement aperture, Barbieri “qb-technology”
    inside, Touch Screen, Battery operated, Wi-Fi (cordless)
  • Including measurement software Barbieri Gateway
1.995,00 €
C300B01 SpectroPad DOC (Digital Output Control) 2.995,00 €
C300B02 SpectroPad Ceramics (to measure Ceramic tiles) 2.750,00 €
C300B03 SpectroPad Ceramics DOC (Digital Output Control) 3.750,00 €
C300S70 Electrostatic sample holder for SpectroPad 940,00 €
C300S30 Bag for SpectroPad 80,00 €
C300S60 Original packaging for SpectroPad 65,00 €
C300S10 Upgrade SpectroPad to SpectroPad DOC (software activation) 1.150,00 €
C300S03 Unlock from OEM to Barbieri SpectroPad (software activation) 495,00 €
C300S02 Upgrade SpectroPad Series 1 to Series 2 500,00 €
Calibration and Certification Services
                        Recommended: every 18 months
                        Service includes: exchange of reference white, re-calibration, firmware update,
                        complete functionality check, new certificate
C300S50 Calibration and Certification Service for SpectroPad 380,00 €
Spare Parts
C300S20 Battery pack (accumulator) for SpectroPad 130,00 €
CXRW30R Reference White for SpectroPad 120,00 €

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